By Canoan


Black Leggings with Light Blue Decorative Seam with Cutouts

These pants are for women like you: strong but no less delicate!

Strength and beauty can be combined, and this Pant Legging proves it. With "Athletic Power" fabric, they have the perfect weight and elasticity to disguise imperfections, with moderate compression and zero transparency.

This legging features a fixed high waist to stay in place during workouts that work your obliques and any squat/leg moves.

They have details of cutouts on the sides in the shape of a "flower," on one side on the thigh and the other on the leg, bringing extra charm. The piece is in black with sidelines and hollow details in blue.

Color: Black, Blue

Fabric: Athletic Power Microfiber UV

Composition: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex